Angels & Crystals

 Carol Hutchins Intuitive, Medium and Angel Messenger

Carol Hutchins
Intuitive, Medium and
Angel Messenger

I thought this month I would write about angels and one of the many ways to communicate with them.

Because once you learn how to connect with your angels, you will use this wonderful connection to allow beauty and gratitude to enter your life. Working with angels, spiritual realm and guides can change our lives in the blink of an eye to an amazing journey, feeling a greater level of gratitude for all that you have been given. All you need to do is ask for it.

Many of the crystals that aid you with connecting with angels are also powerful stones to move your spiritual growth to a higher level. Certain stones and crystals can be of great assistance in establishing angelic contact. Working with these ‘angel stones’, highly spiritual stones, which possess metaphysical properties that can aid one in connecting with angels, spirit guides, and the Higher Self raises one’s conscious awareness by raising the frequency of one’s physical self to come in tune with one’s non-physical Higher Self. The higher one’s consciousness is raised, the easier it becomes to establish communication with those residing at higher planes of consciousness, such as angels, guardians, and spirit guides.

Remember when seeking contact with an angel, one should do so with a feeling of gratitude. Because gratitude has a powerful vibration, and expressing gratitude before even having received anything, it may help us facilitate establishing angelic contact, and open communication that will encourage a faster and stronger response to your questions and requests.

So here are three to start you off and I will add more in the coming months. Enjoy !

Archangel Ariel – Ariel is the archangel of Nature

Archangel Ariel is involved with healing and protecting nature and that includes the animals, fish and birds, especially the wild ones.

  • Crystals for this angel are Moss and Tree Agates, Rose Quartz, Leopard Skin and Dalmatian Jasper.

Archangel Azreal – Azrael supports helpers, healers and counselors.

  • Crystals for this angel are Purple Fluorite, Yellow Calcite and Amethyst .

Archangel Chamuel – You can call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection and the intervention in world events.

  • Crystals for this angel are Carnelian, Pink Tourmaline and Green Fluorite.