Archangel Barachiel

Intuitive, Medium and Angel Messenger

Intuitive, Medium and
      Angel Messenger

In this most amazing time of being able to bring our dreams to fruition if we are willing to do the work and stay strong I would like to introduce you to Archangel Barakiel the Angel of Good Fortune, Prosperity and Abundance.

When people are able to shift their attitudes from expecting the worst to expecting the best, Archangel Barachiel may be in the background helping shift things around for the best in our lives.

Archangel Barachiel (who is also often called Barakiel) is also known as the angel of blessings. He works to announce and deliver God’s blessings to all people when it is needed.

Archangel Barachiel also leads the guardian angels, who work more closely with human beings than any other angels. So if you are seeking a solution to a problem you may want to call on him to bring things to a good conclusion.
Finding yourself having a fit of giggles is another sign he may be about. Laughter is a great way to break the tension when nothing seems to go right.

Need a more tangible sign? Archangel Barachiel will sometimes shower us with rose petals to signal his presence in your life, since rose petals symbolize God’s blessings showering down from heaven into people’s lives. Lightning is an ancient symbol of the power and speed of thought and inspiration, and just like a bolt of cosmic electricity, Archangel Barachiel can take your needs, desires, and prayers out into the Universe to manifest into reality very quickly.

Looking for that special teacher? His influence extends beyond the immaterial, so if you’re struggling to find a teacher, guru, or guide in the material world, Archangel Barachiel can help steer you to the one that is best suited to you.
Last but not least, if you are having trouble in a relationship with some one this angel can help everyone resolve the issues and bring in love and light to the situation.

To call on this the Angel you can use the crystals Angelite, Unakite, Sunstone, and Seraphinite with a dash of the color green.

Enjoy !