Archangel Sandalphon

Intuitive, Medium and Angel Messenger

Intuitive, Medium and
      Angel Messenger

Sandalphon is the archangel of power overseeing strength, prosperity, beauty and Protector of Earth inspiring humanity to take good care of the planet on which we live.

Sadalphon is also known as “The Tall Angel” and is generally depicted as being of extremely tall stature thus allowing him to deliver prayers from Earth to Heaven.

Singing seems to be a popular pastime for angels — especially when it comes to praising God through song. Islamic tradition says that the archangel Raphael is a master of music who sings praises to God in heaven in more than 1,000 different languages. The archangel Sandalphon is traditionally known as heaven’s musical director, as well as the patron of angel of music for people on Earth. Archangel SandalphonSo if you’re interested in learning how to play a musical instrument or learning a song call on him for help.

Sandalphon also receives the prayers of people on Earth when they arrive in heaven, and he then weaves the prayers into spiritual flower garlands to present to God. Also this beautiful angel helps release emotional blocks, fear, guilt and aggressive tendencies.

He gives us the joy of living and is also given the task of looking after unborn children. He may be called upon for issues concerning pregnancy, fertility and birth assisting nurses, pediatricians and midwives throughout their day.

If you would like to make an angel grid to bring in the loving energy of this angel you can use crystals fulgurite, turquoise or calcite.

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