Loss of a Beloved Journey to Wellness Practitioner

Jan Arsenault

Janice J. Arsenault

June 20, 1959 – March 21, 2016

Certified Counselor
NH Namaste Center for Loss, Hope and Healing


The following are some heartfelt thoughts and words from the Journey to Wellness Practitioners as we reflect on the loss of our good friend and colleague, Jan Arsenault.

We lost a beautiful lady this week who even in her passing left us an abundance of lessons if we choose to look beyond our tears.

Her gift was always be open to learning, explore every avenue but above all give hugs and smiles to all of those special people and know everyone has a story to tell if we choose to listen. Live life to the fullest.

This lady left a legacy of how life should be lived by all of us and a knowing in our hearts that we will see her again.

Carol J Hutchins

I’m still reeling from Jan’s untimely death….Often, we would be the only practitioners in on Fridays, we always shared a hug, a recap of the week and what was going on with us, the world, etc. She was a ray of light always and she will be greatly missed…my Friday friend.   Knowing she is overseeing us now, please keep us in your light.

Be well and cherish every moment,

I always looked forward to seeing Jan’s door opened knowing that a smile, hug and pleasant conversation were waiting inside her peaceful office. She was a treasured friend and colleague whom I will miss dearly. Rest in peace Jan.