New Year’s Resolutions

Paula Stout Spiritual/Energy Practitioner

Paula Stout Spiritual/Energy Practitioner

It’s that time of year when we are invited to change our lives by making “New Year’s Resolutions”. Sometimes they work out, and unfortunately sometimes they don’t.  I invite you, this year, to consider changing your “goals” for the New Year into “intentions”.  An “intention” is not about something you have to do, rather it is a feeling you generate within. Here are some examples of what I mean.  If you want more money, first decide what you would do with it (i.e., new car, house, travel, etc.) and then set an intention of experiencing the feeling of having that.  If you want to have a mate in your life, set the intention of being loved, appreciated and accepted, and experience that feeling.  If you want to lose weight, set the intention of falling in love with your body as it is (this is one of the most powerful ways for the body to let go of extra weight), and experience the feeling of truly loving yourself.  Etc., etc.

Also, to empower your intentions, include being grateful for what you do have. Holding the intention for gratitude, always attracts more. (It’s a Universal Law – The Law of Attraction)

Happy and Blessed New Year.