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Becky Silvia, LICSW – Professional Counselor and Geriatric Care Manager


Becky Silvia, LICSW, a professional counselor and Geriatric Care Manager with a background of over thirty years of experience in the field of adult and geriatric counseling, care management and healthcare services. She is the founder of sole proprietor of Choices for Elders. She received her Masters of Social Work Degree from Boston University. She has vast knowledge of available community resources and services ranging from home health agencies, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities.

Who Uses Geriatric Care Management?

Families and Friends: Whether you’re an adult child, sibling, cousin, neighbor or friend, you may find yourself in the position of being responsible for the care of a loved one.

Healthcare Professionals: Physicians, Nurses, physical therapists, dentists, and Social Workers in office practices, clinics, and hospitals are often the first point of contact for a person who needs an assessment for Care Management.

Attorneys: As counselor and advisors to their clients, attorneys who are legally responsible for an older or disabled often need the specialized assistance from care managers to advocate for the care of their clients.

Financial Advisors / Wealth Management Professionals: Older adults and families often seek out financial advisors to help them plan for the future. They may recognize the growing needs of their clients due to life’s events.

Choices for Elders offers elders and adults with disabilities and their families help with finding the resources they need, support, and hope during these challenging times!

“Thank you for being so helpful when I didn’t know where to go… husband is now getting the services he needs” V.F.

“My grandmother couldn’t go back home if it weren’t for you helping me maneuver the maze of services” J.B.

“With the information you gave me, you made it possible for me to make the decisions I needed to help my sister” J.G.

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