Jessica Wrobel

Jessica Wrobel, Master Healer
Energy Healer / Reiki II Practitioner / Wellness Advocate / Spiritual Mentor & Teacher

Jessica provides a unique healing experience for the mind, body, and spirit combined. She shines light on all areas, facilitating deeper discoveries into what her client’s individual needs are before getting started with any healing session. Through providing an energy analysis, Jessica takes time to go deeper with her clients to look at the broader spectrum to discover where their energy is currently needing the most support.

She incorporates all of her knowledge and experiences of wellness tools into the time she spends with her clients. She takes time to carefully consider all possible additional avenues that might be needed to be brought in to the wellness picture right down to outside referrals to help her clients find all the additional necessary support needed to reach their fullest wellness potential.

In an energy session, Jessica incorporates Reiki into the experience, but her sessions are always uniquely powerful. Her energy is unique and powerful all by itself as she channels the purest form of light into her healing sessions creating a very profound experience for clearing and moving energy for her clients that would be received with or without Reiki and other tools she also utilized. She was born with the healing gift.

Jessica has worked with natural medicine since she was 8 years old. She worked and trained under holistic doctors over the years, and has spent the last 7 years studying and working with Reiki and 6 years studying essential oils and training with the company doTERRA on their products for wellness as well as working directly with the products. She spent 4 years traveling the country to focus on her own personal and spiritual growth and grew exponentially by obtaining enormous amounts of wisdom through every lesson and opportunity she was faced with. She learned valuable lessons from every obstacle that was presented to her on her path. She now passionately shares what she has accrued from her life experiences to help others to better their life who are seeking to rediscover more of their own spiritual joy and beyond.

Energy Healer / Reiki II Certified

Aromatouch Technique Certified

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Ordained Minister Certified

Spiritual Teacher / Mentor

“I hope to establish a lasting relationship and become a key part of your wellness support team that works to help you to achieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance.”

Energy Healing / Reiki Sessions

Essential Oils and Natural Wellness Solutions

Aromatouch Technique Sessions

Spiritually Based Wellness Consultations & Classes

Chakra Stones & Crystals

“Jessica’s healing gifts are genuine and radiate from her the moment you meet her. I could feel and sense her healing presence when she began to work on me. She performed the Aromatouch Technique essential oil treatment on me. I am someone who is usually uncomfortable when it comes to people touching me. Jessica made the whole experience rewarding & tranquil. After the treatment I felt a thousand times more relaxed from when I walked in and the benefits of the treatment stayed with me for days. I recommend Jessica services to anyone in need of natural healing.” Denise, M.A.


Contact: Jessica Wrobel, Master Healer

Phone: (603) 617-5040 




“I’ve had 8 sessions​ with Jessica now, and the first session was profound in how it relieved my stress and anxiety and put my mind in a much clearer state. I noticed after my second session that the balance lasted longer. It quickly became clear that continued Reiki was improving my overall well-being and each time I noticed residual, positive change in my body and my mind. Though it can’t be described, her sessions are essentially teaching my body to be balanced, and it gets better every time I go.

Jessica is kind and lovely to be around. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains all of her practices very well while offering a serene space and profound energy work.”

“​I’ve learned so much about the importance of keeping my body and mind healthy. Jessica has taught me a lot about essential oils and has suggested many different kinds that have improved my health, my sleep, and my ability to concentrate. In a very short period of time, Reiki and essential oils, among many other things such as Jessica’s overall support, has helped my body heal and also has set me on the path to continue to heal and grow. I feel I will continue to lead a healthier and happier life going forward now that I have access to so much support that I believe we all need.”

“Before working with Jessica, I was unaware of how negativity impacted my overall well-being. Negativity ran me and created stress and anxiety that would wear me down inside. It was a challenge to face and deal with negative situations as they came up in both my personal and professional life.

​To sum up my experience working with Jessica, the three most significant improvements I’ve seen include:

1. Decreased feelings of negativity and mind chatter.
2. Positive changes with my business and personal relationships. I feel much more patient and understanding with a lack of desire to respond to negativity.
3. Increased internal motivation to​ take care of myself physically with more motivation to sleep earlier, exercise more, and watch what I eat.”

Liz, M.E.