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Paula Stout, RMT, CRP, GBG, AC – Spiritual/Energy Practitioner,
doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Certified in AromaTouch Technique

Paula is a certified Grace Blessings Giver, Reiki Master/Teacher, Presence Facilitator and Animal Communicator. She is also a doTERRA Wellness Advocate certified in the AromaTouch Technique and now incorporates doTERRA certified therapeutic grade essential oils into her energy healing sessions.

She is dedicated to helping others transform and improve their lives with empowerment coaching and energy healing techniques that help individuals reconnect to who they truly are. Healing sessions are customized to meet the client’s needs and goals pertaining to physical problems/illnesses, or particular issues/situations. She utilizes several energy frequencies to clear, repair, and reconnect the aura, chakras and energy pathways throughout the body which often become disrupted or fragmented from stress or traumatic experiences. When energy flow is impeded, the result often reveals itself as mental, emotional or physical problems.

Using much of the same healing energies as with people, Paula also gives healing sessions to animals. Through energy and telepathic communication she is able to communicate effectively with animals.

Paula is an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher and offers certification classes in Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III/Master Training.



The AromaTouch Technique provides an uplifting experience using a combination of eight doTERRA essential oils. Each essential oil was selected for its individual aromatic properties, and for their powerful aromatic properties when combined. The overall scent of AromaTouch is soothing, light, and pleasant to the senses. These oils support stress management, immune support, inflammatory response, and homeodynamics providing a relaxing and powerful essential oil experience.

GRACE HEALING   ($55/1 hr; $35/30 min.)

Grace Healing is an energy healing technique that utilizes new energy frequencies for the healing of the body, mind and spirit. Sessions are customized to meet the client’s needs and goals pertaining to physical problems or illnesses, or particular issues/situations. Several energy frequencies are utilized to reconnect, repair, clear, and open the aura, chakras, and energy pathways throughout the body that often become disrupted or fragmented from stress or traumatic experiences. When energy flow is disrupted, the result often reveals itself as mental, emotional or physical problems. Grace healing brings the body, mind and spirit back into balance. Personalized coaching on how to live with an open mind and heart enables the client to take an active role in their healing process.

With Grace Healing you reconnect to the fullness of the universe as it reconnects you to the fullness of your being. As you awaken to your authentic self and shift into higher levels of consciousness, problems you had cease to exist. In this type of healing session, the “healer” feels the energy and witnesses the process, but Universal Intelligence performs the “work”.

Benefits of Grace Healings have been reported for healing physical diseases; improving mental and behavioral conditions; recovering from addictions; removing fear from one’s life; improving career opportunities; improving relationships; restoring vibrant energy and renewing enthusiasm and zest for life; also for healing of pets.

GRACE BLESSINGS    ($35/30 min.)

Grace Blessings is a Consciousness expansion energy technique that opens you to Grace, igniting your awakening and enlightenment. Enlightenment is a shift that takes place within you, a shift to your natural state of being – who you truly are. We all have outdated belief systems, patterns and learned behaviors from family, community, cultural influences, etc., that really are not who we truly are. These come to light as not true and pass.

As you awaken and move into higher levels of consciousness, you realize that the thoughts you’ve formed around your body, reputation, bank account, and overall identity represent only a fracture of the sacred contents of your spiritual essence. The more you live in the full knowledge of who you really are, the more of your power is reclaimed. As you get in the flow of life and allow Grace to carry you, you feel happier, more hopeful and joyful inside, and your outer world begins to reflect the new inner found peace and tranquility. Grace helps you attain all you desire in life – happiness, joy, prosperity, health, abundance, peace, wealth, harmonious relationships, etc, etc!

REIKI    ($40/1 hr; $25/30 min.)

Reiki is an Ancient Japanese form of energy healing that relieves stress and tension from the physical body. Stress can suppress the immune system, and put us at a higher risk for getting sick. Reiki helps allow the natural healing abilities of the body to function properly and support us in the fight against illness. Reiki is used for relief from a variety of health conditions including chronic pain, arthritis, recovery/healing from surgery or acute injury; side effects of chemotherapy or radiation for cancer; improving immunity; menopause; enhancing the sense of peace in people who are dying.

During the treatment you usually feel very relaxed, and may experience sensations of warmth, tingling, and/or sleepiness. A peaceful feeling of overall wellness and a renewed spiritual awareness often follow a treatment. Although it’s considered to be its own therapy, Reiki can also be combined with other complimentary/alternative therapies.

REIKI WITH CRYSTALS    ($45/1 hr; $30/30 min.)

Crystals used during Reiki help with healing and energy balancing as well as accelerating the healing process. Before the Reiki session begins, stones are placed on your body in the locations of the seven primary chakras. This gives each chakra a boost of its own vibration without altering its energies or the overall harmony of the system. The interaction between the stones and chakras returns the chakra to a healthy vibration, therefore healing the part of the body affected.

[doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are now available with any healing session for a $10 additional charge. Essential oils assist in promoting emotional, physical and spiritual healing. The appropriate oils for the client are used during the session, and a sample of the most beneficial oil for the individual’s healing journey is given at the end of the session.]


REIKI TRAINING    ($105/class)

Reiki training is a simple, yet powerful, way for you to learn how to reduce stress and tension in your body, as well as to help family, friends and pets; or even to start you on the path of a rewarding career. In Reiki I, you are attuned to Reiki energy enabling you to use this healing energy on yourself and others who are physically present. In Reiki II, you are initiated to another level of Reiki application. You learn three symbols that empower your Reiki channeling; enable you to treat mental/emotional problems; and, enable you to do a full Reiki treatment from a distance. Reiki I and Reiki II training are 3-week classes that include practice time for performing Reiki on yourself and others. (Prerequisite for Reiki II is Reiki I certification).

[Reiki III/Master Training is offered for  Reiki Practitioners who have been certified Reiki II for one year or more.  Students must apply for acceptance into this class. Contact Paula for more information on applying for Reiki III/Master Certification Training.  Class fee is $333.]

     ($20 distance; $40 in person)

Communication sessions are conducted in the pet’s home or at a distance using a photo of the animal. Energies and telepathic communication is used when “talking” with animals so communicating with “Angel Pets” is also possible. Up to five questions may be asked during a session.

Energy healing sessions can be included with an animal communication session. Animals are extremely open to healing energy. Reiki brings comfort and calmness to animals. It particularly helps rescue animals relax and adjust to their new environment. It also can accelerate an animal’s healing process, ease pain, and improve, or help to continue, their quality of life. Healing sessions can also be performed in person or from a distance. (w/ communication session $10)


 Contact Paula for a free consultation or with questions you have about services offered.

Hours: By Appointment (days, evenings and weekends available)

To book an appointment, contact Paula at 603-312-5267 or via email at

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