Suzanne Pearlman

Suzanne Pearlman

M.S. Nutrition

Mission: To support, educate and guide individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness, and to successfully move away from a life of chronic disease.

Suzanne teaches her clients to tune in, to their own bodies, and make valuable connections between food and long-term health goals.  She effectively listens to each client’s story, connecting the dots and solving sometimes, simple yet seemingly challenging health issues, as she supports clients on their path to wellness in a 3-dimensional approach.

Suzanne’s personal experiences with food taught her from a young age that she can feel better, by making meaningful changes in the quality of foods consumed. She also learned with her family, how foods can help or hinder an individual’s overall health.  These revelations inspired her to grow, learn and evolve to where she is today.

“I began scheduling appointments with Suzanne in order to help my sister, who has several medical issues including, dementia, Type III Diabetes, and high cholesterol.  Suzanne is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to.  My sister and I have both learned a lot, and my sister continues to make notable improvements in her condition.  Healthy eating is a must, and we are so happy to be pointed in a healthier direction!”      PL & DM

Suzanne worked for more than 30 years as a gymnastic coach, teaching students in a recreational and competitive atmosphere of all ages and abilities, including individuals with special needs. As an athlete and gymnastics coach she encourages nutritious choices as a way to optimize performance.

She also worked for 10 years in a Naturopathic clinic where she developed her passion for helping others achieve optimal wellness. She trained as a Health Coach and worked integrally with the doctors, to provide nutrition education and support to clients.   During her time there, she was repeatedly inspired by the number of individuals who gained resolution to multiple heath issues.

Suzanne Pearlman earned both her Bachelor’s as well as Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of New Hampshire and currently works as an adjunct professor at NHTI – Concord’s Community College, where she teaches Human Biology, Personal Nutrition and Anatomy & Physiology.

Associate’s Degree General Studies University of New Hampshire (UNH) 2002

Bachelor’s Degree Nutritional Sciences UNH 2006

Master’s Degree Nutritional Sciences UNH 2011

More than 30 years’ experience as gymnastics coach

10 years’ experience working in Naturopathic clinic as Nutrition Counselor & Health Coach

Suzanne works with clients by appointment at her office in Dover, NH, and teaches nutrition classes to the public.

Contact: Suzanne Pearlman


Phone: 603-767-0682


“Each time we meet, Suzanne repeats a mantra which has grown close to my heart: “Honor your process.” She demonstrates compassion and empathy for me during every step of my journey; no discovery or achievement is too small. I am a person with multiple chronic illnesses. Suzanne’s philosophy of guidance challenges me to listen closely to my body and to have patience with my growth. She is a “nutrition detective” – she is detail-oriented, organized, and invested in discovering lifestyle modifications that can be pieced together for holistic health. As a “nutrition detective,” Suzanne values teamwork in our professional relationship and makes me feel empowered and proud of my accomplishments.

Before working with Suzanne, I struggled to prepare my own meals. Now, I bake and prepare almost all my meals and snacks from scratch. I have discovered stunning new flavors in ingredients which I had been hesitant to try or didn’t know about before our sessions. Thanks to Suzanne, I have never been more excited for my future or more hopeful about remission from my constellation of health issues.”     AP