An Affirmation

Paula Stout Spiritual/Energy Practitioner

Paula Stout Spiritual/Energy Practitioner

An affirmation is a powerful statement that can help shift our thoughts and mood instantly. Our thoughts really do create our reality.  An affirmation redirects our thoughts, in a positive affirmative way.

This is a powerful affirmation to practice for attracting love and peace in your life.

“Everyone in my life loves, honors and respects me; and everything in my life is a source of joy, love and peace.”

When you say this, you are creating it!  Try it – say it as many times during the day as you can, and notice how people in your life respond to you as well as how you feel!  Pretty amazing.



Simple Habits To Become A Happy Person

Paula Stout Spiritual/Energy Practitioner

Paula Stout Spiritual/Energy Practitioner

What’s the secret to being happy? Positive habits.  Here are some to help get you started.

1. Let go of grudges

Forgiving and forgetting is necessary for your own happiness, as holding a grudge means you’re also holding onto resentment, anger, hurt and other negative emotions that are standing in the way of your own happiness. Letting go of a grudge frees you from negativity and allows more space for positive emotions to fill in.

2. Treat everyone with kindness
Kindness is not only contagious, it’s also proven to make you happier. When you’re kind to others, your brain produces feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin and you’re able to build strong relationships with others, fostering positive feelings all around.

3. Regard your problems as challenges
Change your internal dialogue so that anytime you have a “problem” you view it as a challenge or a new opportunity to change your life for the better. Eliminate the word “problem” from your mind entirely.

4. Express gratitude for what you have
People who are thankful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions, and are better able to reach their goals. The best way to harness the positive power of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal or list, where you actively write down exactly what you’re grateful for each day. Doing so has been linked to happier moods, greater optimism and even better physical health.

5. Live in the present
Allow yourself to be immersed in whatever it is you’re doing right now, and take time to really be in the present moment. Avoid replaying past negative events in your head or worrying about the future; just savor what’s going on in your life now.


Archangel Raziel


Intuitive, Medium and Angel Messenger

Carol Hutchins – Intuitive, Medium and Angel Messenger

Many of us are opening up to the divine mysteries of the Universe and the thought of “Where do I go from here?” enters our daily thoughts and emotions.

This is the time to call on Archangel Raziel the keeper of the DIVINE MYSTERIES and the guardian Angel of illumination and keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul.

If Archangel Raziel visits you, he likely has some new spiritual insights or creative ideas to deliver to you if your open to receiving the messages. Therefore, bringing Raziel into your daily actions will allow you to experience life drawn from a deeply profound connection with the sacredness of the Universe .

Archangel Raziel will show you how to tap into the natural ebb and flow of the Universe so you can manifest your deepest desires and harness the magic that lives within each human being. He can help us come up with great ideas, materialize a new place to live or a great job, access your inner wisdom , release any limiting behaviors and connect with spirit.

Archangel Raziel is a very loving, kind, intelligent angel, appearing quite tall with large sky-blue wings wearing a robe of gray material that seems to swirl as if made of liquid and surrounded by a swirl of rainbow colors.

His presence can seem subtle, but as you invoke him over time, you’ll become aware of his positive influence in your spiritual practices and daily life.

Making an angel crystal grid of clear quartz will create a sacred space upon which we can call on this amazing angel on a daily basis .

I hope you enjoy meeting this angel and the messages he has for you!


Archangel Metatron

Intuitive, Medium and Angel Messenger

Carol Hutchins  –  Intuitive, Medium and Angel Messenger



AS our energy shifts and our spiritual growth continues our days get busier mind chatter increases, giving us a thousand excuses as why we cannot accomplish our goals.
Ego is a grand master manipulator at giving us false hopes so he can stay in control.

When you are ready and want your thoughts to be free of clutter so that you can be ready and able to receive the truths that will allow you to become the best you can be, call on ARCHANGEL METATRON
who reminds us that everything begins with a thought.

If you ask he will help you connect to your own truth and higher self at just the right moment when everything is coming to fruition.
Giving you that much needed boost so to speak to get moving and see through the fear.

This angel also looks over children, and is closely aligned with children (and adults) who are sensitive to the realms of Spirit.
Another of his assignments is being known as the angel of life.
He guards the Tree of Life and writes down the good deeds people do on Earth, as well as what happens in heaven, in the Book of Life (which is also known as the Akashic Record) where detailed accounts of everything which happens on Heaven and Earth is kept.

“When you get an unusual smell of strong herbs and spices like chilies or peppercorns, it is a sign from Metatron.”

Last but not least you can bring in this angel into home, office garden or anywhere by creating a grid of Crystals: Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine.
Enjoy and Bright Blessings


5 Steps to Joy

Paula StoutHappy Summer Solstice!  Not only is June 21st our official start of summer but this year it is particularly powerful as new Divine energies are pouring in. What does this mean?  Well, basically it means that this high vibrational energy is available to everyone for manifesting our desires!

First, think about this – Your entire life is being created by your state of mind.  It’s true, your assets, relationships, income, etc., were all created by you! But no worries, you have the ability to change your state of mind, and in so doing, change your life.

Being open and grounded will help you utilize these new energies to the fullest for manifesting your desires, whether it is for clearing something you’ve been working on or creating something new in your life.

A good place to begin is to open your energetic pathways for higher dimensions which are based on joy. Bringing joy to your inner world will be reflected in your outer world. Here are some suggestions:

5 Steps to Joy –

1. Set an intention every morning to find joy in your day. (We always find what we are looking for, so look for things that make you happy!)

2. Mind your own business to stay on your joy path. Be aware of judgment. Judgment is an opinion of whether something or someone is right or wrong and it blocks your energy flow.

3. Don’t allow anger or resentment into your day. You can only control your own life, not that of others. What you can control is your reaction to others. Choose to let go and not allow anger or resentment to be a part of your day. (Anger comes from an expectation of yours of how someone or something should be according to you. That’s not in your control or your issue.)

4. Reinforce your intention during the day by using an affirmation such as “I am joy”. Say it and believe it, feel it in your heart.

5. Express gratitude for every moment of joy you experience. This will attract more joy into your life.

Just as our physical spaces need to cleared periodically of clutter, our energetic fields that are a vital part of our being must also be cleared of old thoughts, energy and emotions. Clearing your aura and chakras restores and strengthens your connections to yourself and your Divine inner wisdom.

This article was submitted by Paula Stout, Spiritual/Energy Practitioner. Contact Paula to schedule an energy clearing/healing session.