Spring Cleaning

Paula Stout Spiritual/Energy Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Consultant

Spring is in the air bringing with it inspiration to freshen up our homes, office spaces, etc. Doesn’t it feel good when everything is clean and fresh, and you have space for something new? Well, the same concept applies to our energy. Energy needs to move and requires space to move into.

To create space for new energy we have to let some things go.

– Self-judgment and self-criticism take up a lot of our energetic space. Releasing ourselves from the burden of our judgments creates space for new energy.

– Judgment and criticism of others fills our energetic space with our expectations, judgments and criticisms leaving no room for new energy.

– Anger and resentment create an enormous energetic space blocking the flow of new energy.

– When we are not in the present moment and are living in the past or the future, we have filled our energetic space with what we believe is possible or will happen, and left no room for miracles or other potentials.

What energy can you move out of your life during this time of spring cleaning? When old energy is allowed to move, our energetic space is able to be filled by something more fulfilling, like joy and peace.

We don’t let go of things we have failed at or not done properly. We let go of things when we decide that we are ready for, want and deserve something else! What do you think you deserve right now?